A game that is ironically fun to play even though all it takes to win is to be a pussy and camp with the sword, rocket launcher, sniper rifle, or any combination of the two, AND considering alot of people who play online are whiney bitches who make lame-ass excuses everytime they lose
Joe schmo: DUDE we lost by 1 kill. I can't believe it!!!

Bob Schmob: Yeah, that was gay. We got noobed by the sniper whore the whole match.

Red team at post game lobby: Haha, good game guys.

Blue team at post game lobby: That was the gayest, most bullshitty match ever. You cheated you fucking standbyers. I'm gonna report you to bungie you litte faggots.
by kakaka May 30, 2005
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The one game that can leave a person screaming at the television for several hours.
ov goat vo playing halo 2 online 11:45pm
ov goat vo playing later that night 12:20am
by Ryan Joseph Steele June 9, 2007
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an ass kickin game that leads to halo 3
by Angry somoan August 25, 2006
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a good game, despite what most say. most people simply dont realize that its a DIFFERENT GAME. it is NOT halo 1. most people dislike this game because they dont know how it works, or they dislike the power weapons.

being rank 43 on xbox live, i know what im talking about. not everyone will understand how it works. not everyone will enjoy how different it is compared to halo 2. not everyone likes a balanced game (oh god, the pistol).

yes, there IS inconsistancys, but they can all have a counter, and thus can be made obsolete. the trick to this game is to just sit back and wait; unlike many of the little kids who play the game. its all based on smarts & strategy, like CS:S.
frickin noob combo'ers! they have to be fucking pussys! argh!

.......why dont YOU just get a noob combo....?
by abyssion August 9, 2005
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1.the only game better than halo

2.the only game that is seconed to halo 3
I need halo 2

I need halo 3 because I played halo 2 for 3 years
by I need halo August 8, 2004
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Sucks just like it's predecessor. In other words, it's going to be another overrated piece of crap.
Halo 2 sucks. Isn't that a revelation.
by Halo sucks November 10, 2004
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an awesome multiplayer game, despite horrible single player. chances are that anyone complaining about the game is:

-a retard
-a noob, and is currently getting their ass handed to them every game on xbox live

also futures a ranking system that everyone thinks shows how "good" they are, despite the fact that it doesnt.
i know level 36 noobs.

yes, you CAN kill someone with a rocket launcher.
by pestilentmetal May 17, 2005
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