The definative definition after twenty years of hearing it used in context: "I command you to eat shit (which is the most putrid experience one can imagine as a living being) and then die (which many view as the most undesirable state of being--curiously worse than eternal torture, unless dying and going to hell are synonymous). It represents an ill feeling toward another where simply eating excrement does not do justice to offense given, nor is dying: both must be experieced to satisfy vengence.
"That mother-fucker just cut me off! Hey you! 'Eat shit and die!'"
by Dr. Kev October 27, 2006
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It means you must masticate on some fecal matter, then cause your heart to stop fibrillating.
Eat shit and die, mother fucker! You can't spell fibrillate and use correct grammar, 'than' should have been 'then.'
by laalllalall February 2, 2007
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When you demand a nearby person to eat feces of any animal (Human Or Not) and then become a non-living being.
eat shit and die, cunt.
by explodoboy April 4, 2017
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it means you must masticate on some fecal matter than cause your heart to stop fribulating
you pick up a piece of dog poo and start to chew on it, enjoying the nutty flavour with a slight liver bouquet. You then hold your breath (by putting duct tape over your mouth and nose) to preserve the awesome smell and flavour and your heart stops from lack of oxygen.
by flipynif November 17, 2004
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Usually said when really pissed off.

Say it, then beat the person the fuck up.
"Eat shit and die!" Johnny said as he ran over and beat the shit out of the queer nerd.
by Mike February 8, 2004
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Eat shit and Die.... Usually always said when mad!!! The again, my normal words to close friends are eat shit and die.
I wish I could do this.... 1) Grab a cup.... 2) Squat down and release the dump in the cup... 3) Grab a spoon... 4) Sit down the other person.... 5) Forcefully feed them the cup full of shit... 6) Hope that they die.
by Tasha April 6, 2005
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