Only the most powerful defense mechanism on the Karasuno team in Haikyuu, used by Nishinoya Yu.
“Dude did you see that? Nishinoya just used Rolling Thunder to keep the game in play!”
by KneecapSoup July 27, 2020
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Noun: An extremly awesome dick trick, one of the most elite/intense. It is performed by a man sticking his cock and balls in-between his legs, aka a fruit bowl, fruit basket, goat, or mangina, and then perforing a somersault while the package is still tucked under.
Did you see the look on those girls face's when Dom pulled out the rolling thunder at that party? I don't know if they were laughing at his tinky winky or how extreme of a cock move that was.
by Zach L June 29, 2007
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A widely known Shot with the Sniper Rifle in Gears of War.

The shot was created by a user on Xbox Live under the name, "trevasco".

The Rolling Thunder is the motion of diving towards an opponent while they are in the action of standing back up and "Barrel-Stuffing" them with the Sniper Rifle when they are in the full erect position.

The Shot is completed with a headshot.
BLaacKeN: Yeah, so trevasco tried to Rolling Thunder me but he dove a littleeee too late and got Spidermanned.

CorruptedDreamz: Fail!

trevasco: -_-
by BLaacKeN March 17, 2010
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When a girl that is obese or overweight tries to run fast. The result is usually the slapping of her face with her own breasts or the bouncing of all of her body fat.
"Hey Joey, see that fat girl trying to run a 5k?"
"Yeah, rolling thunder for sure."
by Captain Mercedes October 9, 2013
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Derived from the US military attack known as Operation Rolling Thunder, the Rolling Thunder is a sexual act involving Coprophagia, or shit fetish. One participant lies on the ground as the other moves to a relatively far location. When the second participant is at a reasonable range, he/she accelerates to a sprinting speed and performs a long jump over the first participant and attempts to shit upon the him or her in mid air in attempt to reenact Operation Rolling Thunder.
"Did you hear about John trying a Rolling Thunder on Sarah? He fucked up and now he has to replace the carpet."
by GiddyGobbler September 18, 2014
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The act of a girl, leaving the group of people she is talking to in order to walk 10 to 20 feet away from the group to release larger amounts of gas. It is called a rolling thunder because the women does not stay in one place; she disperses it throughout the room for maximum damage. At the same time she is keeping the toxic fumes away from her fellow peers in order to evade detection.
Did you just see that girl walk in a big circle then come back like nothing happened? Yea, I've seen it before, she was definitely ripping major ass, we call that a rolling thunder.
by Goody Proctor January 4, 2011
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The sound that is emitted from one's thighs or buttox while the act of anal sex is being performed.

It comes out as a loud slapping sound that can sometimes be heard throughout the entire house.

The slapping sound occurs when the receivers anus is slammed by the givers thighs as the anal sex is being performed.

Can happen in both Heterosexual and Homosexual intercourse.
Last night I couldn't sleep, all I could hear was Mark and Beth's Rolling Thunder on my couch, it was really loud!

I was Rolling Thunder last night at her house, it sounded like someone was applauding me during the anal sex.
by PattyBadFigners December 25, 2009
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