7 definitions by Mechavelli

In the mud stands for in the motherfucka. It is
Yo Jake, those tacos we had last night were good in the mud.

Man! You crazy in the mud. I ain't plyain' with you.
by Mechavelli April 12, 2021
To be an obstacle in someone's path - to work hard on stopping someone from coming out (shine)
-they tried to drop a dam on me; I want to be better than them.

- you can't drop a dam on him; he is harder than you think.
by Mechavelli September 5, 2015
it is an expressiont that means VERY WELL
I know damn well how strong you are
by Mechavelli November 21, 2018
It's a sarcastic way of saying:
1- How am I supposed to understand this ?

2- What is that supposed to mean ?
Especially when someone says something you don't simply understand or comprehend.
JAKE: Yo! Don, I met that Yam you saw last night and she was crazy!

What do I eat that with?

JAKE: Oh! yam means a young hot girl.

by Mechavelli December 12, 2018
To be going to hell in a handbasket is to be rapidly deteriorating - on course for disaster.
Simply put, things get worse and worse and don't seem to get better.
The virus is killing millions of people and thousands of people got laid off. I hate to tell you this but things going to hell in a handbasket.
by Mechavelli June 3, 2020
It typically means to search, look for or trying to find out something
My teacher asked me about the history of America and I figured that I had to do the digging to find the answer.
by Mechavelli November 17, 2018