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Used to be the name of Microsoft's homepage when you searched this at google, along with other 4 pages that cointained no "go to hell" those words but still where the first results shown by google.
input "go to hell" at google searcher and press on I'm Feeling Lucky,.
by Wertoret August 06, 2009

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Epic failing form to say "Epic Fail"

often used to make the epic failure even worse or to fasten the world's self-failage by making a epic fail chain reaction...
1: 5 tr5ed t6 by**** that 6bstac3e b4t... sh5t n4036c2 5s 6n...

(you know that some laptops have the nmpad at the letters keyoard since the keyboard is too small)

2: Apic feil!

1: y64 0eant 5*ac fa53
by Wertoret July 19, 2009

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