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A girls way of daring you. Not permission. Don't do it!
Go ahead. We'll see how it ends
by Bad luck June 24, 2015

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An extremely cute fail. A portmanteau of adorable and terrible or horrible.
"The dirigible full of kittens exploded! AWWWWW how adorigible!"
by Bad Luck February 08, 2014

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when a female/male sleeps over your house and shits in your bed, a small amount of poop is located between your sheets.
I woke up and that girl was gone, but she left me with a frodian slip. She texed me later and asked me if I wanted her to wash my sheets I told her no I had already thrown them out!
by bad luck March 21, 2013

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A gay Persian dude. Can accommodate hundreds.
Hundreds of prisoners took the Taliban Tunnel last night.
by Bad Luck April 27, 2011

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An outstandingly stupid idea, which usually leads to somebody dieing.
"Well that was a terrible idead."
by Bad Luck January 14, 2008

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A strategic master of the penis, dicking, dickery, fuckery, and a consummate cocksmith.
I got dicked by a genius dicktician, there was nothing I could do.
I banged her like a dicktician and she couldn't walk straight for a week.
by Bad Luck May 29, 2017

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