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Simply means "proceed". The connotation is that you have full permission, or are encouraged, to do whatever it is. The phrase is used in reference to any act, and usually in response to someone asking permission to do something.
Q: May I leave by the back exit?
A: Go ahead.
by omoikane no mago July 27, 2018

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A "quick and dirty" fix, a jury-rig, a band-aid, a duct-tape fix. A quick solution to a problem that would not likely be used if there were more time or better resources. Connotations include that the fix may be unstable, awkward or humorous. Also spelled "Kludge" (perhaps the most common spelling) and "Kluge".
A: "Damn, the radiator hose blew!"
B: "Just wrap it up with duct tape."
A: "What a cluge!"
B: "Yeah, but it'll hold till we can get a new hose."
by omoikane no mago July 27, 2018

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The "wrapping" of Television episodes consisting of a "leader" that introduces the title and theme and principal actors, and a "trailer" that presents the closing theme, credits and copyrights. Typically a TV episode will commence with a plot segment that presents some sort of tension leading to a crescendo, that is followed by the "leader".
Video junkies who want to watch multiple episodes of a series without having to listen to the theme again in each episode have to edit the episodes to remove the cigarbanding. To do this is to "decigarband" the content.
by omoikane no mago August 23, 2016

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