to keep going on and do what you was doing before
Boy: "Can I Have Ur Number?"

Girl: "No"

Boy: "Please?"

Girl: "Boy Go Head"
by tahirah August 20, 2006
“Go head” A term used a lot in black cultures in the DMV and throughout the East coast. Used when something really funny was said or something wild was said.
Them: Yo tell me why I just watch my neighbor bust their ass on ice.

Me: lmao go head.


Me: Aye yo go the fuck head bruh.
by Prodigy_7991 February 24, 2021
A response to something someone asks you to do that you don't want to do.
Boss: Hey yo, clean up this mess for me will ya...
Employee: "Yea go 'head."
by Paul Ramone August 25, 2010
An encouraged saying, with having some humor behind it finding it funny coming from a place of joyfulness
Sis got her hair, she better go head na
by Strength of God June 12, 2019
The most accurate way of deciding who has the largest penis. This act requires both participants to remove their trousers and undergarments, acquire an erection and compare penis sizes. Note that while no measuring is needed, both participants must reach an agreement as to which of them has the larger penis in order to end the process.
After fifteen minutes of arguing over who had the bigger penis, Dave and Adam finally decided that Going Head to Head was the best way to solve their dilemma.
by Raoul fucking Duke October 20, 2011