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a woman/man, with whom you engage in a romantic relationship, that alienates you from all your friends and/or family.

This person also has such an effect on you that they manage to spend all your time with you. You think they are the greatest person in the world, hence, enabling you to not care that they are slowly sucking the life out of you and your platonic relationships with friends and family.
friend 1: whatever happened to brandon?

friend 2: he hooked up with suzanna. she is a suckubis...

friend 3: id like to slap her in the face!
by my bed is special August 12, 2008

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also see JUST GO

this is commonly used when a chick is done arguing and just wants you to shut up. this is not a green light, rather, a dare. should you go, it becomes on and is only a matter of time before she serves you back.
boyfriend: well i am going to do activity x then, since you wont stop being a bitch.

girlfriend: fine, go ahead, just go...

---exit oblivous boyfriend

---at this point the girlfriend begins plotting something to truly piss you off....
by my bed is special August 13, 2008

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a dumbass white chick with bleach blond hair. usually wears flip flops and is overly enthusiastic about christmas.
guy 1: check out that chick buying christmas cards

guy 2: yeah fuckin santa cracker....ITS JULY
by my bed is special August 19, 2008

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when a person is fed up and wants you to leave immediatley without question or concern of to where you might be going and/or where you will end up.
person 1: whatever, im out of here

person 2: fine fuck you then

person 1: okee dokee

person 2: JUST GO already DAYUM
by my bed is special August 30, 2008

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