super cool, rad, and totally hot.
shazia is a gnarly name !
omg jacob is sooo gnarly !
by toocoolforyourmomma November 24, 2009
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a word that is overused by the cast of Laguna Beach. It means crazy, rad, totally fickin awesome.
Can you believe Tessa just slapped Kyndra that was gnarly dude!!!
by don b February 28, 2007
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Used by Painter Bob Ross to describe an older twisted tree.
This big ol' tree is gnarly.
by Eazy eeeeeee August 19, 2006
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something super dope,rad,sik, and or mind bottling!

usually said wen describing something really cool and used when amaized or wowed!

shroter use of word "gnar".
dude! did u see that wipe out!! that was fuking gnarly!!

dude ur new skateboards prety gnar.

omg dude he's so gnarly at snowboarding!
by dope kid47 June 27, 2009
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Very unpleasant.

Something that inspires awe or amazement.
"That lightning storm last night was GNARLY!"

"Aww, dude, Gnarly! That chick just puked on my car!"

"WOAH! That ish was GNARLY!"
by ~*NFKNBLVBL*~ April 14, 2006
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1. Something tough or hard

2. Something tough or hard that has been succesfully manipulated
1. My first chemistry assignment is one gnarly bitch

2. He pulled a 720 in that crappy halfpipe? Gnarly shit!!!
by Ben October 23, 2003
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1.A word used to describe hardcore, rough sk8ing terrain e.g. "Shit that run up was gnarly"
2.Used to describe someones style of sk8ing e.g. "Dude, that kickflip BS crooked was gnarly!"
as above
by Jeff24 July 9, 2003
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