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Translate / Talk / Tongue. Glot comes from greek where it means Tongue. Made to be a verb: 'to glot' = translate.
Glot a word, interglot, euroglot
by HairyApe March 16, 2007
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"Get Lotus On The Ship".
This acronym was developed by a gang of JamCruisers on a JamCruise forum in reference to a musician request for JamCruise 7, set to sail January 2009.

T-shirts have been made to bump the request.
by Qty74 July 24, 2008
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When you Cum a silver slimy substance that tastes like bacon
I totally made a huge glot today. You think I should get that checked out?
by iRinny January 20, 2009
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a crusty substance that collects on the foreskin of ones unsircomsized penis
dude, your cock gots lotta glot
by Dude Dan January 16, 2003
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