v.t. - to cling with sudden suction
"She glommed on to him like a duck on a june bug."
by pattygoat February 25, 2004
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- Astronomers often use "glom" instead of using the longer and more unwieldy conglomerate.
- to gather into a ball or rounded mass.
- to collect or cluster together.
Materials in orbit of a star can glom together to form a planet.
by Maev December 14, 2006
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to steal, swipe or nab
"Somebody glommed the SD 80/90 MACs!" - Ralph Israel
by Douglas Weltman June 23, 2003
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1) A needy emotional person, usually estranged from their familiar pairing for what ever reason, yet trying with embarrassing futility to remain attached to that soon to be ex partner, resulting in any of a variety of conclusions.
She's so sickening to watch glom all over him.
by jrh5356 April 15, 2005
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(n) Used to describe a large group of males gathered around one specific female, often due to the lack of females in a vicinity.
(v) to attach to a group of other males gathered around a specific female.
From: conglomerate
There was a glom in her dormroom and she basked in the attention.
by carta November 14, 2005
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This is a negative term for attaching oneself to a person, a relationship, or even an idea where one does not really belong. It implies sticking like chewing gum or bird poop. Something that nice people don't do to other people unless they are weird, strange or in some way detached from reality.
My brother continues to glom himself onto my

friends because he can't make any on his own.
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verb -
the attachment of one type of atom or molecule onto another
The water molecules glom onto the sodium ion because the electronegative oxygen is attracted to the sodium's positive charge.
by Point7Q August 10, 2010
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