"vivi supremacy !!"
"you're such an orbit"
by maeluvshyejoo November 22, 2020
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nuclear-powered chewing gum that initially releases a blast of minty freshness into your mouth upon insertion. some people's mouths are not equipped to handle such intense minty freshness and thus tear up a bit. while chewing orbit, those around you will experience a clearing of the nasal passages.
i was chewing orbit, and my mouth felt alive.
by veryhappychica December 29, 2005
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someone who thinks they’re gonna get something but get clowned in the end. hows the march 13 teasers going for you?
person: lol they thought they were gonna get an A on the quiz

person 2: HAHA, theyre probably an orbit
by stan twitter language March 13, 2021
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Noun - An orbit is 2 or more LED lights (most often photons or inovas) attached back to back with a string running between them. The sting is held at either end while the lights are moved in a circular motion to "wind it up." Then when the string is pulled the lights spin and this is repeated. They are used at raves or clubs to give light shows. Many different effects can be achieved (such as stars, flowers and slinkies) depending on how the orbit is moved.
I brought my orbit to the rave last night so I could give some awesome light shows.
by Dropp February 22, 2008
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Imma hit the bar, getta Long Island, then Imma Orbit...
by GBurgNupe August 24, 2004
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another way of saying, "no matter what."

at the end of every orbit commercial, the british lady says "a good clean feeling, no matter what."
i love you, orbit
by Adeyinka June 10, 2011
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