1) To steal

2) To arrest
Luke's been nabbed with his hand in the till again.
by Daisy May 12, 2005
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An alternate way of saying nub or N00b.
L33t player: Ha I pwned your little ass you nab!
Nab: What you say?
L33t: Haha Nab!
by {_D4wG August 11, 2006
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to steal somethning
hey, fucker, nab me one of those shirts.
by jay July 10, 2003
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n.a.b. or noob ass bitch. Something you would say to someone who is being so noob, the term noob just no longer cuts it.
person 1: "Joe couldn't get past the first level on Super Mario Bros."

person 2: "What a effin nab."
by SupHome311 October 6, 2011
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slang. appalachian. a cracker with filling, like peanut butter sandwich crackers. Most people use it as a derogatory term concerning racism. But in the Southern Appalachians in the United States , it is nothing more than a snack food.
I went to the store an' bought some nabs.
by imnotgood July 12, 2006
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nab..a bum ass bitch,who doesnt have nothing,or no goals in life.need we say more?
by fitzjr July 26, 2009
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