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swollen gums through giving too much felatio
Oi Kinnock, no wonder your gingivitus has flared - GET OFF THAT NOW!
by theWestHamfan November 03, 2003
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After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
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1)a gum disease that occurs from not brushing your teeth
2)slang for a person with messsed up teeth
3)a short black chick with a attitude that has bad teeth/gums ((Casteel, J.)
1)The gum disease gingivitis can be prevented by brushing, flossing, and Listerine
2)Half of the chicks I met in England were good looking gingivitis bitches
3)Gingivitis is very, very short and needs to possibly STFU for a while
by Captain Jean-Luc Piccard August 19, 2004
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The aftermath of scoring with a "ginge". ie a mankly horrible ginger haired fat person.

The gums become swollen and sore. The breath becomes unbearable and in some extreme cases ginger hair will grow on the face of the infected non-ginge.

The said ginge falls in love with the ginivitee and stalks him until he is forced to judo chop her back to reality.
Nigel: I tonsil-hockeyed the shit outa that ginge last I can't get away from her...and I have gingivitis! My gums are so sore!! I had to judo chop her in the boole earlier to get away...*high five*
by SexySkirt! April 21, 2008
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