gingas are people suffering from the incurable disease known as 'gingervitis', they have orange hair, light skin and frekels. they are known as coppertops, fantapants, gingarians, ginger ninja, rusty crotch, copper knobs, and my personal favourate, road cones. it is highly reccomended that you DO NOT bring any flammable material around them if you value your life!
steve: i think i can take him.
steven: careful man, he's got gingervitis you might get burnt or he'll go raging ginga on your ass. i love you man.
steve: i love you too
by caiku January 31, 2008
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GINGA is a word which evolved from the derogatory term "GINGER".

Ginger - A red head with a slave chain around his neck. Ginga - A red head with a diamond chain around his neck.
What up my ginga?
by Xavi Mcfunk September 26, 2010
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A true G. Down wiv his homies in the ghetto. Nae messin.Respect
KeNnY DaNNfAld G Unit
by G Lover April 11, 2005
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These people can not hide, it is impossible
i.e. o look its a tree wif a ginga behind it
by spankilicious December 20, 2006
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