Dougal. The sweetest guy you can ever be friends with. He is tall, sweet, nice, funny, talented basically everything you need in a person. He can get easily distracted which means that sometimes he might take a while to reply to your texts, so it's better to meet in person. He is an awesome person to be friends/significant other with, easy to talk to and gives great advises. He has the best smile, gives the best hugs and his laugh is everything.

Although he is sweet he can be a dick to those who he doesn't like, so you better be nice to him and you won't regret it ;)
"He was so sweet! What's his name again?"
"Of course he is! He's Dougal!"
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by IsThereAnyNameForMe June 15, 2018
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Noun & Adjective. A term used to describe a middle-aged woman (mid 30s - 50s) usually on the large side, who has long, bushy, bleached blond hair.

Can be frequently spotted looking flustered or harassed in supermarkets or on public transport. May sometimes have sullen teenagers in tow.

Should be approached with extreme caution and should never be provoked as when roused or angry it's bite is much worse than it's bark. If treated with kindness and respect the Dougal will reveal it's warm, friendly side. Loves a treat.
Joe: Look out Adam, there's a fierce looking Dougal coming this way.
Adam: Yeah, that one looks pretty angry.

Adam: Check out all the Dougals on that bus.
Joe: Yep, there seems to loads more of them around these days.
by Mr Levity June 29, 2011
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The biggest shit you have ever taken. You butt hole will never be the same again......
Guy in the bathroom-"AHHHHHHH"
Guy waiting in line- "You alright in there bro?"
by CATFISH123456789 December 04, 2010
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a klutz, or someone who takes a longggg time to do something that would normaly take seconds.
A dougal takes more then 1 minute to tie your shoes, or spills every drink you pour, or falls UP the stairs.
by gabb March 30, 2006
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a dorky spoon of a character who enjoys collecting childrens memrobelia from there childhood. ie wrestling figures, 80's cartoon dvd boxsets and lame things no normal peron would wast their money on.
bob: i know this guy who is in his 20's who still buys childrens tv series to watch for his own pleasure. Is that strange to you?

paddy: OMG!! Thats so strange he needs to grow up and stop being such a dougal.
by stretcher b September 17, 2008
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A shite bar man, an alchy bastard, a man of short stature and low social status with a pot belly
Dougal! ; Mate look at the state of that absolute Dougal! ; here Rab, you're an absolute Dougal of a wanger; away and pump your Dougal Angela!
by Gmbryce1987 August 05, 2018
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