A person with with ginger or red hair. Prounced in a way that rhymes with singer. Often called other such names as "fantapants", FOT (Fucking Orange Thing), rusty crutch etc.
I saw five gingas while playing spot the FOT.
by Ben Puddleduck July 14, 2006
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A Child born with orange hair like a carrot, there are several differnt forms of 'Ginga' for example: 'The Red Head' - these are most commonly found lurking in the shadows unable to go out in the sun; the sun is their greatest enemy, 'Day Walkers' - a darker skinned 'Ginga' normally covered in thousands of freakles to protect them from the sun hence the name 'Day Walker' one of the more dangerous breed of 'Ginga' able to roam in any condition but only for a short amount of time; giving them plenty of time to take down the strongest of oponents, And last the 'Ginga Ninja' at first glance may not appear to be of the 'Ginga' speices because of the chameleon like hair which may take on the blonde or brown color to make it less obvious but in some cases the speices has been known to have Black but only in rare cases, 'War Paint' or 'Foundation' is used to cover the 'Freckular' area making the'Ginga Gene' less obvious.
"If we ever have a Ginga child Diane, we can give it to the black family down the street, I'd die before I would EVER raise one of them, THEY ARE INHUMAN!, INHUMAN I TELL YOU!"
by Joey_Atorias March 24, 2006
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Someone with a lot of brains.
Very good at soccer.
Made of pure beauty.
Mad personality.
Doesn't have red hair
"oi look at that ginga"
"aww man she's got style"
"i wish i was ging like her"
by meowbiteme March 26, 2009
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A child or adult who is made of pure evil and whose skin is a terrible pale color covered in disfiguring freckles and hideous used tampon colored hair. Gingas will almost always deny their own existence.
"Persian or Greek nobody threaten a Ginga"
"Take your stinkin paws off me, you damn dirty ape."-a reference to a ginga
"Look at Beth and her terrible ginganess.....its a good thing she isn't one or we would all be dead"
by Falcore December 14, 2008
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A ginger or red headed person who displays an inability to control emotions and a bad temperament. Gingas frequently explode into self destructive fits of impotent rage and under no circumstances will they ever back up their pathetic outbursts with violence. The defective gene which has tainted their hair colour so unattractively has also stained their personailty red so they always act like a 'bitch on her rags'.
Shit! I just passed through a ginga's shadow. I better go home and scrub myself with bleach!

by Mad Dod Morgan August 02, 2007
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ginga (hard G, as in "gone", not like in "Geneva") in hebrew is quite the same as "rasia". most simply put, it is a headbutt of magnificent proportions. an offensive move popularised by the Israeli "ars", gingas are both lethal and stylish. they often result in a free ride from "magen david adom" (ambulance).
that ginga left him with 1 eye, half a nostril, and a receding hairline! he'll never insult some1's mother again.
by david weiss July 19, 2006
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