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a swedish word used for when you and the lads are going to play something (most likely world of warcraft)
Andersson: Ey fabbe ska vi gibba wow när du kommer hem?
Fabbe: Ne mannen jag ska ut med Liam o åka skateboard
Andersson: Får man hänka?
Fabbe: aa bror limpan har din bärs
by greekgodxddd April 03, 2019
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Message board tough guy/racist/crybaby

discount smokes


sad rea;;y


Hungry Man Dinners



taking the cheese, wife rollin', mopping floors
by ufck March 11, 2005
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Our way of saying I dont give a damn or responding to something we dont like.
Someone tells you something you dont like. You respond GIBBA
by $N4$ General Co da "G" September 22, 2010
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adjective: meaning arrogant or big-headed; especially in regards to one's own golf prowess
Barton was being so gibba about that hole in one that he shot.
by Gary Player June 14, 2004
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A breast which is long, thin and sucked dry.
"man, one of them was a Gibba and the other was normal, she is fuckin rank"
by John Gaskell March 06, 2004
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