Insulting somebody because they get no bitches, lacking female interaction. Doesn't matter If they get bitches or not.
Quit talking shit and get some bitches
by visky-lol December 15, 2021
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Get people to be romantically interested in you for once.
"You're so lame, Selena."
"How about you go get some bitches?"
by koiniko February 17, 2022
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Something that a person says to another person even tho they don't get bitches themselves, this is a very normal thing for a man from vegas to say only because they are starved of pussy. They do NOT know what a bitch is.
by GammerOP January 21, 2022
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When u have no females to fuck so your friend named Scott says Get some bitches
“I am having a really bad day

Scott says “get some bitches
by Isack January 15, 2022
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What someone with a heavy machine gun screams before cutting you down.
The guy on the M249 yelled GET SOME BITCHES!!!!, as he proceeded to destroy everything around himself.
by Shadow_Boxer88646 October 18, 2010
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The phrase commonly used when someone watches the 2017 series, “Ninjago” too much.
person 1: Oh my god! look! the snake is dying from the cool epic lego ninjas from ninjago!
person 2: how ‘bout you go ninjago get some bitches
by flippingoctopus February 4, 2022
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