a popular dance among teenagers from South Central Los Angeles, popularized by Tommy the Clown Dancers and the matching song "Get Off" by Famous Uno

see "get off challenge"
Girl: Ayyyeeeee! get off Teonna!

Boy: Y'all saw me getting off at Too Too's party last night?

Girl #2: somebody teach me how to get off
by theratchetgod December 30, 2016
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To Have Sex With Someone.
Jack: None Of Those Girls Will Get Off With You
Simon: Arrh Mayn!
by x- Saucy Kisses -x June 14, 2007
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when you go to a party and you got so many dances that your penis and the zipper of your jeans become one or in a female's case when her lower back hurts or when she looks like she just hopped out of the pool.It just means to enjoy yourself.......or to masturbate lols
Yo I danced with almost every girl in the party.I get off at every party we go to.
by big-Liek July 1, 2009
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Originated in Detroit, Michigan. Phrase is used when one is having fun or feeling oneself
John: Man you saw the videos from last night at Diamonds?
Steve: Hell yeah man, we was getting off!

Tom: You saw DBrown's ig post flaming Peezy?
Jack: Yea he's been getting off lately since he got 10k followers
by 2 Stummers January 2, 2018
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a romantic term. it means to use you womanly charms to entice a boy into the web of love. oh ok then-snogging.
jill tryed to get off with joebob
by fayth June 1, 2005
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experiencing orgasm
she moaned as she was getting off from his fingering
by Dawn July 12, 2002
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