A peak of hype and energy while krumping.
His Get Off was making everyone yell and get so excited!
by Tiny Snubb July 17, 2011
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1.Someone who's to attached to something... like a bandwagon, trend.
2. Making a rediculous assumption
Lil Wayne is the best in the game.... Man get off that
by Fanatic111689 January 18, 2010
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Used as a term for spraying, buying, or otherwise using Off! bug spray.
You know, if I got the right angle, I could probably get off on everybody at once.
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Originated in southeast San Diego. This phrase is used when one is repeatedly doing very well in a certain area.
When you're out doing your peers, you would say, "Oh, I'm getting off on this shit."

When you have a good grade in a class, you would say "I'm getting off in that class!"

When you're at the top of the list on mw2, you would say to the others in the lobby, "I'M GETTING OFF ON Y'ALL!"
by lklllll July 20, 2010
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When someone really hates you and wants you to get the heck out of their sight. And then you say "NO!" (normally).
"Get off dude! You will always be my enemy." David spat at Hurricane. Hurricane says calmly "no, suck it up."
by troll3301 April 14, 2019
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When somebody is throwing shade directly at you while talking to you and you or someone else notices and mentions it to that person
You: My hair has a lot of shrinkage when it gets wet

Person: Yeah i know it shrinks a lot like real short

You: You tryna say my hair skeet, you tryna get off
by Rih Periodt March 26, 2019
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