Detroit slang. It means to achieve a certain accomplishment in a fantastic display.
Guy: Yo u see Big Re dropped 100K on a rose gold??

Guy #2: Daaaaaaamn I’m sick he tryna get off like that!
by FeezyBambino July 25, 2018
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British slang for making out, kissing, or just generally heavy petting.
- Did you see Hannah? She was getting off with Rob!
- Haha. Man. She's so dirty.
by Ethixz May 5, 2006
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To be extremely pleasured by the different sexual actions conceived over a some wild crazy erotic sex. Pleasured so much that reach a point of climax and orgasm. Some girls fake this, but if it trully happens for a girl or guy then it boosts the opposites ego. GETTING OFF IS A SENSATIONAL THING!
BOB: So baby you got off...yeah that's right, how'd you like it, did you get off?

KATE: That was the most phenomenol thing I've ever experienced..yah I did get off 4 of 5'd you know where to hit it?
by 2Horny4U November 17, 2005
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-To ejaculate
-to have an orgasm
-to have sex
-to get off of something
Lizzi- "Dan get off of me!"

Lizzi- "I sucked Dan's cock to let him get-off"

Lizzi- "Danny get off on my face!"

Lizzi- "OOOOOOHHHH YEAH, Right There!! *Squeals*"
by ELlZABETH December 5, 2006
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1. A command used when an uncomfortable subject comes up and one is unwilling to talk about it.

2. A command used when someone receives bodily contact that is unwanted.

3. A command used when someone means business.
1. "Just get off it man."

2. "C'mon! Get off it!"

3. "Seriously man, get off it."
by duniella December 24, 2010
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getting off can mean being mean . being a asshole . doing too much , its usually used for when you checking someone or some shit like that ..
nyla: bruh yo head big asf .
me: you getting off
by dbarbieej January 11, 2020
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