A word that is better than pog to indicate excitement or an epic moment.
“Wow Amber just gifted 25 subs. Gerg!”
by hallmarkfan December 11, 2020
Overused word that Martin 'Gayman' Nguyenuses. The word has no actual meaning, but rather an affirmation of his homosexuality.
gerg gerg gerg gerg gerg RAV gerg gerg gerg I gerg gerg gerg LOVE gerg gerg ger YOU gerg gerg gerg
by Danpachi August 12, 2008
To continuously annoy your friends on Xbox until you become blocked.

Alternate definition:

To immediately block someone when they join your Xbox party
This guy was so annoying in the Xbox chat, that I immediately Gerg’d him.
by NHL boss July 27, 2019
n. Commonly known as Greg, a Gerg is basically a synonym for any human being with the name Greg. Being a Gerg, however, it also means that the person is incredibly handsome with a satisfying penis.
Omg, i just hooked up with that gerg over there.

That gerg has the best dick ever!

Oh great, another gerg at the party
by ulrich von gradwitz March 2, 2010
Gergs are people who are really tall big and nerdy . Many scientists theorize about their sexual habits. The most common theory is that these people have many odd fetishes due to their social awkwardness which include: foot fetish, S + M, BDSM, Anal, Bi, Gay, Pedophilia, and Alexandra. Report any sightings of this beast to the following Gerg hotline: 1-800-MyAssIsSore
The Gerg Likes to Masturbate.

The Gerg Likes to study Taxes.

The Gerg Likes to Masturbate while studying Taxes.
by rreza July 29, 2008
A condition that causes alcohol induced autism, and "bar retardness." Gergs go to extreme lengths to get viciously intoxicated as early as 10 am on a Saturday. Can also be used as a verb.
After taking a full stick and a 20 second pull of Crown Russe, a man took on the persona of Gerg.
by rmmrmrmrmrmr November 10, 2019
When a greg get too horny and needs to be pleased
Greg is so gerggy right now, like so gerg he is basically a gerggy poo.
by CallmeGirth June 25, 2019