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Nectar of the Gods. It is highly advisable to drink via shots and/or chugged mixed drinks to attempt to avoid the generally unavoidable gag reflex as this nectar touches your tongue.
I'd like to be full retard by the pregame without having to spend more than five dollars for 15 shots. I guess it will be the fourth Crown Russe night this week then. Too bad I can't afford something that doesn't taste like shit.
by MO10shots December 25, 2011
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Probably the cheapest and worst vodka readily available in America. Like all other cheap vodka, a staple of college students everywhere... except now you can pretend to be Russian!
Also says "Finest Vodka Made" on the label.
Shit, it's Thursday already. Here's $10. You get the Crown Russe, and I'll steal some cranberry juice from the dining hall.
by Drunks McGee October 31, 2007
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