The kids in high school who are considered the losers.
Ironically, those "losers" will be the bosses of the cool kids in high school, if those cool kids ever reach the same intelligence level as the once geeks(possibly not).
Call them what you want, geeks are the ones that will succeed in life, while the cool kid in high school that did drugs will do just that for the rest of his shitty life.
by fuckitall June 02, 2006
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An inquisitive individual that handles information about a certain topic whether it is for recreational purposes, a promising career, or both.

A geek typically is intelligent in some manner; and is always interested in a particular topic. Geeks have social skills unlike a nerd, which is similar intellectually, yet is a socially awkward individual. Geeks also tend to be, but are not limited to, nonathletic.
1. Adam is a computer geek. He'll be your boss some day.

2. Ricky is a film geek. He organizes all his movies alphabetically.

3. David is a guitar geek. He'll be keeping his neighbors up at night while he rocks out.

4. Kevin is a anime geek. He wants to move to Japan.

5. Gina is a book geek. She can't get her head out of those pages!

6. Stacie is a drama geek. She loves the stage.

7. Spencer is a comic book geek. He will debate who will win what fight.

8. Ian is a mathematics geek. He can school you!

9. Jennie is a photography geek. The wedding photos will come out professionally.
by raptroes July 26, 2010
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A Geek is a very knowledgeable person who sometimes act in a manner which can be considered odd or abnormal. They also know that they are slightly odd or abnormal and fully accept this. Because they accept this they don’t try and be normal like nerds do and ultimately β€œfit in” better than nerds and so are seen to have better social skills.

Geeks are superior to all other people because the have the knowledge and social ability to get to where they want to be.
"I got Mike to help me set up my computer, he's such a geek"
by Little-John September 16, 2006
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For starters geeks are not wannabe nerds, and anybody who say they are, are fucktards.
They are very intelligent in one or more areas. Not necessarily computers. You could be a chess geek and have never used a computer.
Geeks are usually quite weak physically but make up for it in their superior mental capability.
Do not try and insult a geek, as one they do not care. and two they will always have either a good comeback or someway to totally annihilate your insult with some form of explanation. They do have a social life (most of them anyway) they can be awesome at gaming and still have a girlfriend. Just like if a chav considers himself to have a social life but he is still good at bmxing (innit).
Chav: Yo nob u iz wal a geek wid dem glases.

Geek: Yes as everybody that wears glasses is a geek. Gandhi was a geek was he? Get some brains.

Chav: yo oo is gandhi mayte?

Geek: Point proven. Goodbye. Cunt.
by E.G.A June 17, 2008
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A person of high intelligence who typically does not fit into popular social groups. Geeks tend to make friends with other social outcasts with similar hobbies and/or interests.
That geek is pretty smart, but he always gets teased by the preppies and jocks.
by Enigmanic May 10, 2009
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People who Society deems is strange due to there love of Computers, Science Fiction, and or Fantasy.(like the lord of the rings movies) People who were dubbed geeks often get jobs working with computers or technology in general.
Geeks are closely related too nerds
by MSmith1988 January 10, 2006
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