A geek is any person who is specially intelligent or talented in any specific area of expertise. Geeks are not to be confused with nerds who are simply dorky, uncoordinated and usually lack social skills.
Geeks often have some sort of social skills yet are dorky (though there are many geeks who are not also dorks).
Kathleen is the biggest choir geek in school.
Bob knows all about computer programming
he's the company computer geek.
by Leenie11 July 12, 2008
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A geek is not a nerd.
A geek is obsessive over anything and everything: television shows (including Star Wars, Harry Potter and Doctor Who) it can be from comics, the internet and often consoles, pc games or related topics.

The geek will know everything about the given subject but despite this will have few problems socially.

However, in brief, a nerd applies to somebody who is a computer genius or enjoys maths,science or ICT to a large extent
Wow, John is such a geek all he ever talks about is Doctor Who!

I am such a nintendo geek- i have soo many of their games

Jill is not a geek- she's a nerd- she spends all her time on her computer
by karmaeve May 05, 2009
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Someone who says, "I am missing Halo in HD for this party"
they basically enjoy video games and watch TV, and surf the internet almost all the time.
But they have a good knowledge for technology, like computers and such.
They arent really the most popular people in school, but really, who is? those intimadating Violent Bullies?

Geeks are just... not Bullies, chavs, gilry girls or any of the others, they are just themselves and are more likely to have a succesfull future.
Geek Chav
by Checkered wristband September 12, 2009
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An individual who obsesses over tech, video games, and RPGs. Often mistaken for a nerd which obsesses over knowledge.
"Woah! That kid has all of the dungeons and dragons handbooks in his backpack, he's a bigger geek than I am!"
by kevtastic September 08, 2008
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A type of carnival freak known for eating live animals
"Remember that tattoo freak in the X-Files?"

"Err...oh yeah."

"What's the name of that type of carnival performer?"

"One that eats live animals?"

"Yeah, that kind."

"They're called geeks."

"Right, right. How fucking hot was Gillian Anderson in that series?"

"Yeah. Definitely yeah."
by H.S. Willsy August 23, 2011
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Geeks don't have to be smart, unlike nerds, they are usally people who enjoy video games, comic books, the internet, etc. They are sometimes also defined as socially awkward people.
Ryan spends so much time gaming, he's such a geek.
by Caleb_Nyuu June 12, 2013
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Someone with a HUGE amount of knowledge in one, or multiple subjects. Usually acociated with computers. Seen as weak and unathletic, but dosn't have to be.
"I am a computer geek, but I can still kick ass."
by Dragonblack December 10, 2005
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