A person involved in methods of escapism involving in general computers, sci-fi, anime etc. More often intelligent but not a pre-requsite to been a geek. Often disparaged or shuned by other groups of society when with others of their own kind entirely comfortable and isolate themselves from others, inclined to not be outgoing. Has the same chance as everbody else in future life, often believe that due to Bill Gates and society's reliance on computers that they themselves will be successful, but need character in order to do so. Could be head of multi-million worth firm, could also be stuck in a dead end job in the same rut they were at at school
Bill Gates was most likely a geek at school, but worked in a shed creating microsoft and had the drive and character to drive it through into the corporate giant it is today. Similarly today a person can remain a geek all their life going no where, working in a dead end job with little or moderate pay with no relationship.
by George Terry November 12, 2006
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Geeks have the intelligence and proficiency of Nerds but branch it out in any feild related to an area of interest. For example; if said Geek enjoys computers they will also enjoy anything related to the computer field including things that, if they were done by a guy that spends 6 hours a day working out, would be "cool". Geeks also make excellent Hackers because of their social abilities. Geeks have the advantage of being very capable socially, but usually only among other Geeks are they truely themselves.
by Davin September 11, 2004
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people who prioritises productive, creative, individual hobbies and interests over image and social life. Note: There are some people you might think of as geeks who give us all a bad name and ARE NOT! geeks rock. chav-geeks as I call them definately don't.
after a few hours doing what they enjoy a non-geek might be liying in a pile of their own vomit while a geek has just invented a program that will make him a millionaire!
by Progratron August 15, 2005
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people get it confused with nerd. a geek is obsessive about something, ranging from comic books to the internet. geeks can sometimes be cool, nerds less so
person 1: ha! teachers pet! what a geek
person 2: actually hes a nerd
person 1: geek!
person 2: nerd!
*persons 1&2 get into fight. geek escapes unhurt*
by leeko22arsenal October 11, 2007
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A person who knows almost everything about subjects that interest them (such as video games, anime, movies, etc.), but are socially indistinguishable from everyone else.

Commonly confused with dork and nerd, but is very different.
"I just found out my boyfriend can name all the different Pokemon and what their moves are! He's such a geek!"

"You've memorized the entire geneology of the Greek panthenon?! You're a major geek!"
by Akage June 16, 2008
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A person who is considered strange weird or is passionate about one thing or another. Not to be mixed with Nerd. Although they are normally smart they are not freaky smart and look like normal people. It is even possible to be a "Geek" without even knowing it.
Being able to name programs by their actual name is considered "geeky". Liking Anime is considered "geeky"

Geeks are cool though they have a life and often people don't realize that they are in fact talking to a geek. Liking anything to do with outer space tends to let one fall into this category such as Red Dwarf, Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy,Star Trek is the biggest one that "geeks" are linked with.
Even reading a large amount of books makes you a geek.
Geeks also tend to be good looking and the one who everyone wants as their friend as they quite often know the answer to a problem (even if it's just basic) or they know how to find it. "Geek" girls are normally seen in a better light than male "geek" are though there is no real reason for this.
I am a Geek because I know the Red Dwarf episodes by their actual name and I am "weird".
by Dolphin-Dreamer August 24, 2008
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source of scoring premium HD porn

porn reformation: going cold turkey, chastity
I need some porn. geek will hook me up

so much porn so inured. geek will extricate me
by brazenlee February 01, 2012
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