Information Communications Technology

a strange and unclear term for computers, made to sound more interesting by shoving everything with a processor under its label. Looked down on by Computing people as its really a load of theoretical shit
by MiB March 3, 2003
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A short Abbv for wichita K.S...

ICT = Airport abbv
ICT = Short for wichita
Yo nigga I be from dat ICT, represent.


Hello, im from ICT or aka Wichita KS
by ICTSmoke July 7, 2004
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You know on the Weather Channel and such you see the letters ICT...that means Wichita.
Places like Atlanta (ATL) and New York (NYC) have their slang shortened versions. This is the midwest's answer to that.
I'm hanging out with some ICT niggaz tonight.
by X December 3, 2003
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Or in country ten, Acronym used to describe a girl that is less than attractive stateside but due to the lack of other females, she is a 10 instead of a 4.
That girl sure was an ICT, I sure hope no one finds out I fucked her.
by Randal Skandal March 28, 2008
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ice cream truck, like the ones that ran around urban neiborhoods. Truck playing music seeling ice cream.
lets get the ICT and meet the folks
by casper March 3, 2005
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Comes from the name of the deck Invincible Counter Troll, played by the infamous and hated Rndm-Misr.

Nowadays, the term ICT has come to mean any deck that has been profiled as very good, but is obvious crap.
by baumann March 14, 2004
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