The state of being so gay that one becomes retarded or vice versa.
That male stripper over there is so gaytarded!
by Big Black Joe September 30, 2015
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This word can also be used when not even a modicum of political correctness is desired in one's speech. It is an expletive to be held in the bottom of one's bag of tricks and used particularly in emergencies. The professional may garnish with the "F word."
Jill: I hope someday all people will be treated equally and will treat others equally, even those of different races, religions, creeds, colors, shapes and sizes.

Jack: That is the most f*cking gaytarded thing I have ever heard.
by T Man July 26, 2005
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A combination of slang terms gay and retarded. Although similar in spelling and sound to said slangs, gaytarded pertains to a ridiculous situation where and when no other single word can emphasize the degree of how gay and retarded the scene really is. Not related to homosexuality or mental illness.

Note: Gaytarded should only be used in the most extreme level of social depravity.
Doug: Come see my band man, we're totally cool!
Andy: Yeah? What's it sound like?
Doug: Well we sound like Tool, but instead of drums I've elected to beatbox!
Andy: Doug- you and everything in your world is fucking gaytarded.
Doug: Yeah we're called "Aesthetic."
Andy: I will end you, gaytard.
by Andrew May 23, 2003
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a word that denotes the actions or personality of one who in fact may not be gay, or retarded, but do or say things that suggest that they may be both. not gay in there sexual preference, or retarded concerning there mental capacities, but gay and retarded in the same way that david spade movies, or montel williams episodes are. gaytarded may be used to denote an object or an idea rather than an individual. the word gaytard may be used to denote one, who in fact, is gaytarded.
fred:bro, i rode my bike too much last weekend and my gooch got all chaffed up!

ted:oh damn dude, i hate that, chaffage is freakin gaytarded!
by beaujangles999 March 1, 2010
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1. the state of mind, body, and/or soul when someone is moshing
2. moshing while in a trance-like or possessed-like state
Person #1: So what did you do this weekend?
Person #2: I got gaytarded to some good ol' deathcore.
by Ms.Anthropy April 17, 2009
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Used to describe something so disagreeable that neither "gay" nor "retarded" (derog.) are sufficient descriptors. Gay + Retarded = Gaytarded
by sara g March 7, 2009
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to be both gay and retarded; the most offensive word ever created.
Did you see the Iowa caucus? That was so gaytarded!
by cory schultz February 9, 2004
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