When something is 'gaudi', it usually means that something is positive and generally pleasing.
'yeh mans went down to the local nursery, some bare gaudi chicks there'

'this chicken is gaudi'
by stephenjones69 August 10, 2008
Noun. Flak, guff, or otherwise unsolicited criticism or chiding given from one person to another. Usually used as an object noun.
Ex. She gave me gaudi for hours after I embarassed her.
by watergirl April 28, 2005
A gay man who is outgoing or open in his life.
Evan is really gaudy today.
by Lbgiv April 14, 2020
a person whom in quickly agrivated. known to flare up in a matter of seconds, with some resemblence to a carrot, but of no relation. Like's girls and lots of them
"hey man whats up"
"i hate you the world and everything"
"stop being such a gaudie"
by The peoples poet October 22, 2008
A beautiful girl whose very outgoing. But mess with her or her friends and you'll wish you didn't. She doesn't cry easily unless she's really mad. She is nice sweet and funny. Once you meet her you will love her forever.
Guy 1: did you see gaudy last night

Guy 2: yeah man she was beautiful like always
slang from jersey city to dress tacky or extravagant

to drip in wearing GAUDI Jeans
gaudy boy- you see this gaudi jeans

thot- mmm gaudy boy supreme deluxe
by splashtonkutcher March 11, 2018