In a lot of trouble.
stoner:"Oh man im in deep shit i was playing with butane and matches again.."
by Whatever... April 7, 2005
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1. When you are in a serious amount trouble.

e.g. "Im in deep shit."

2. A seriously dark or over thought idea.

e.g. Person 1: "Life is completely pointless"
Person 2: "Wow, thats some deep shit."

3. When you are in the middle of a shit and you start going into deep thought and all ignore around you, eventually realise you spend way too long on the toilet then you should have.
Deep Shit
by TheBurntToast August 16, 2019
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1. Listening to or looking at comments on Vsauce and being in that sort of trance of being mind-blown.

2. A very philosophical topic, talking about why the universe exists, why we are alive, what (if any) is the purpose to life, what kind of life (if any) is there in the universe, Etc.
Dude #1 "I just started watching Vsauce, and there is some really Deep Shit they talk about there"
Dude #2 "Yeah, you should try reading the comments below their video, It's like an aftershock of Deep Shit."
by HTBdafuq June 19, 2016
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"deep shit - n. the shit to end all shits; the best shit on God's green Earth"
Typically a shit in which you have expunged all the shit out of your anus in a deep grunt
"Man you've been on that deep shit for hours"
by Nikos2097 August 27, 2014
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1. A person or informant who speaks nonsense and bullshitting when you actually need proper information on something or someone.

2. The opposite of Deep Throat.
Man A: So what else do I need to know about Elise? She's hot dude!

Man B: She likes coffee! ow yeah!

Man A: Dude, you're seriously a Deep Shit.
by adrammelech July 31, 2012
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