63 definitions by Billiam Beaver

the ability of moving objects with mind without physical contact using psychic energy
Most psychics can easily develop telekinesis
Move the pen using telekinesis
by Billiam Beaver June 6, 2016
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the floating ball in older style toilet mechanisms that float in the toilet tank to tell the valve when to stop filling
Can you buy a new toilet ball?
by Billiam Beaver October 5, 2016
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When a human or animal drinks water from a toilet
I accidentally took a toilet drink
Bad Kitty! No more toilet drink!
by Billiam Beaver October 5, 2016
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An insult to say to fat or obese people, especially if they like burgers and fries.
I think you have too much mcdonald's.
by Billiam Beaver June 14, 2017
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the white liquid inside a Tide Pod, resembling the look of semen
I don't get why people still like eating Tide Pod cream
by Billiam Beaver June 7, 2018
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Postal service used in 1800s-1930s era that usually took a few months to transport mail
Thanks! No more snail mail!
Cheetah mail? Or snail mail?
by Billiam Beaver July 5, 2016
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a sarcastic meme that regards any image of something that seems very fake, unreal, or untrue.
I was browsing on Google and saw a bunch of Seems Legit images
by Billiam Beaver August 17, 2017
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