Gassed up is being full of yourself
Me:Jim your acting really gassed up
Jim:i know that
by Nessalessher June 20, 2016
To give nice genuine compliments to someone all the time.
I can’t stop gassing up this person because they are just so awesome.
by littlemisscantbewrong May 6, 2020
Disingenuous motivation, in which the motivator tries to convince the motivatee that they can do something that eternal or external factors won't allow.

The"fumes" come into play when the motivated party begins to believe and act on the motivators hype.

In most cases this technique is used to manipulate someone into ether making a fool out themselves, or inducing a since of loyalty by encouraging ego driven megalomania.

On occasion the motivator me be so convincing that he induces a adrenaline rush within the motivatee. These often temporary effects may cause the motivatee to uncover hidden talents, and enable them to complete a seemingly impossible tasks.

However,in other situations it my force the motivatee to recognize the harsh reality of the situation. In most cases, this happen during the try and the fail stage of the motivatee's ego driven efforts.

This is a great technique for bait n' switch confidence scams.

The term "Gassed Up" is in the Urban Ego family and has a working relationship with terms such as " The Vapors" (See Biz Markie - Greatest Hits album).

To avoid such a situation secure your ego with research, connections, and a applicable skill base.

I watch "American Idol" because its funny to see people so "Gassed Up".

by Black Wisdom January 26, 2009
To be on steroids when they kick in. I'm all gassed up on testosterone and other roids. I'm so gassed up the test has me so horny I'll bang anything.
I'm all gassed up and growing like a mofo
by Ted Fury December 10, 2016
someone who’s a young adult nd thinks they’re big still
ollie ur a gassed up yute still
by yhyhg February 14, 2018
Its supposed to be a vibing duck, but people made WWII memes instead.
Person 1: "Im really feeling gassed up shawty right now."
Person 2: "What the hell John?"
by Ur Mom Sus October 30, 2020
Gassed up lighties is the name of two sisters who make music together and say chatty wassy patty take of your wig then come at me and they posted a video on ig twerking on a man kinda weird
by Your fave botch January 7, 2021