Hyping someone up for no reason just to make yourself laugh
Person 1- yeah bro yeah bro that’s it my nigga

Person 2- you really are gassing him up
by PGE_kliderZ June 26, 2019
When you hype something up but it turns out mid
Dude 1: Highschool finna be lit.

Dude 2: Bro you gassing up a fart.
by SaltyGTTM September 28, 2022
Gassed up is a song made in 2016 so you know it's already good and 5 years later it still slaps play this song in public and at least 5 people will start head bopping or singing
this song is fire
is it gassed up
Then it's trash
gassed up I be so gassed up turnt up I be so turnt up right now bad bit*h super thicc that's the way I like it
by narutosexual November 2, 2021