If a person is gassed up it means s/he is made to believe s/he is at a higher status than one actually is
Blad imma don innit“no ur not ur jus gassed up fam““I feel lyk a right plonker now”

by noeszbo May 13, 2011
to get your head played with. when bitches play games with your mind.
You had that nigga all gassed up.
by joe dutch August 20, 2004
To get motivated in some way to do a certain task.
Damn This Music Gasses Me Up To Kick Some Ass!
Damn This MTV Music Video Gasses Me Up To Kick A Slut's Ass!
Damn The Media Gets Me gassed up Sometimes!
by S3R1AL June 10, 2006
The car is gassed up and now the road trip can begin.
by EverCanadian February 12, 2019
I went to Cheers and got reeeal gassed up last night.
by LDog17 August 18, 2011
Gassed up is being full of yourself
Me:Jim your acting really gassed up
Jim:i know that
by Nessalessher June 20, 2016