There is three real definitions to this word.

1) A cut.

2) A womans pussy.

3) A girl/woman.

Used mainy in east london but also in urban areas all over England.
1) Thas a horrible cut you got from tht blade.

2) Ohhh I would love to poke that gash.

3) Check that gash man, she is fit as fuck, i think im going to link her.
by Jordan Storm Paris January 04, 2008
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like the word 'pants' but more vulgar, denoting something as shit, rubbish.
That movie was pretty gash..
by buck March 02, 2005
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another word for rank, or discusting! usually referring to food that don't look right!
"thats gash!"
by Anonymous September 13, 2003
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A woman onboard a vessel may be referred to as a gash, which is vulgar only if said on dry land.
Me and my gash were out on the boat having a nice boat ride.
by dr pusbag October 05, 2003
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A slang word used to describe a womans genitalia.
The word is of Jamaican origins yet is also used all over the carribean and the in UK.The word is also used in the word 'wastegash' meaning a girl(sometimes a man) who is considered a waste of space,but can also be used as an insult meaning that the perosn is the eqivelant of a prostitute.
Stop acting like a wastegash bruv!
by waltwilliams32 March 19, 2011
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The female genital opening or a female who performs sexual favours with little to no encouragement. A slut, or tart.
"Nah bruv ya mad, she's a dutty gash. Man wouldn't double bag dat or even piss in dat hole!"
by Mimsical May 18, 2017
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