The CORRECT 3 meanings (a common misconception is a female is a gash in england, never have i heard a woman called a gash and i wouldn't advise trying it either)

1. A female vagina

2. A cut

3. Something bad

1. That bird has a lovely looking gash, she showed us in the pub. it did smell tho which put us off

2. I got a massive gash on my arm

3. Work was gash today
by gashFC December 18, 2008
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Vagina; female genitalia

Origin - possibly due to appearance but more likely a reference to menstruation as the word properly means a wound (bleeding). Not a nice word to hear in a sexual context but evocative of monthly messes - e.g
In the past few days my "cunt" has officially changed identity and become my "gash"
by Su France March 27, 2007
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A highly organized, vigilant, alliance self charged with the promotion of women's rights in this politically correct society. GASH stands for: Guys Against Sexual Harassment
"Dude,I like totally support G.A.S.H."
by Voodoochyl October 05, 2006
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I dove for her gash and began dining at the Y with a vigorous enthusiasm that had her screaming in ecstacy in short order
by Sed8ed March 22, 2004
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A womans Poonani.

See also Axe Wound.
Cuthbert: I pulled this fucking bird last night. She was a right rotter.

Marmaduke: What did you do?

Cuthbert: I ate a fucking banana out of her gash!
by Steeman May 06, 2005
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