A highly organized, vigilant, alliance self charged with the promotion of women's rights in this politically correct society. GASH stands for: Guys Against Sexual Harassment
"Dude,I like totally support G.A.S.H."
by Voodoochyl October 05, 2006
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I dove for her gash and began dining at the Y with a vigorous enthusiasm that had her screaming in ecstacy in short order
by Sed8ed March 22, 2004
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A womans Poonani.

See also Axe Wound.
Cuthbert: I pulled this fucking bird last night. She was a right rotter.

Marmaduke: What did you do?

Cuthbert: I ate a fucking banana out of her gash!
by Steeman May 06, 2005
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The vagina, often thought to be a cut revealing flesh.
Gash can be used as an insult also.
'your such a gash face'
'That spesh girl is well a gash'
by bettyspesh January 10, 2007
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Vaginal lips and everything to do with the lady love hole.
Ashley, your mother has some sort of addiction to rubbing my chode against her gash.
by Claire1212 June 26, 2006
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Second level entry in the Joker-san female rating system, right below Scab Cracker. A very nice female specimen, definately oral sex worthy.
"That slut I gave the angry dragon to last night was pretty hot, not quite a Scab Cracker like the one last week, but definately a piece of Gash...."
by SP00NS June 19, 2007
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1.An open wound i.e. A woman's vagina.
2.Something extremely bad
1.Your mum has the best GASH in the world!
2.Your mum's clothes are GASH!
by ©™ October 15, 2003
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