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A "Garmin" is a short guy who feels inferior to taller people and so he tries to please them by behaving in ways to show that he's "one of the good ones". A short guy who is not going to complain about his place in society. A short guy who draws attention to his height in engages in buffoonery in order to make taller folks feel comfortable in the notion that short people aren't to be taken seriously and that heightism isn't really a social problem.

He's characterized as having a "fun-loving, not-too-serious" demeanor, and he doesn't mind being looked at as a fool - so long as people don't see him as a short man who tries to challenge his social station or other negative stereotypes about short people.

tl:dr - a short man "Uncle Tom".
"What's your problem?! Why can't you relax and know your place? Why can't you be more like Garmin over here?" (Gestures to a narrow chested short guy wearing an oversized suit and suspenders, dancing a jig in a circle while spinning the propellor on his beanie).
by AndrewLiver May 25, 2016
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