A term that is used to mock a statement of the obvious. For added effect, it can be stretched out (eg. norrrrrrr) or said in a silly mocking voice.

Most commonly used in north-east England.
"the sun's bright today you know."
by T.U.D October 4, 2003
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A person with a 20 cm dick and is a foking boss
As well as he is a monster in soccer
by Snozzii June 1, 2020
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People who say this word are Kyrie/tek's seed
by GODFATHER NORR April 28, 2021
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a derogetary term for someone who likes to dangle cheese-strings out of their anus so another person can lick it out.
dude, i totally norr-dangled it up last night
by Ablackburn September 15, 2009
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he exists, he is norre, he is chill
"just visited norre yesterday"
by Jonathaniel, cool very penis December 12, 2022
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