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Gandi is a word in Oriya language largely spoken in the east Indian state of Odisha. Gandi means ass or buttocks in Oriya language.
Gandi has various colloquial uses in Oriya as the following would illustrate.

"Gandi Muna" means a pair of shorts that is worn to cover one's buttocks.

"Gandi Munda" means beginning & the end.
Sala, To Gandi Munda andhara kari debi. Mu ehara Gandi Munda pauni.
(I don't know its beginning nor its end.)

"Gandi Gunjiba" means to find a place e.g with difficulty to sit on.

"Gandi Pasa" means hanger on.

"Gandi Fatiba" means to loose courage.

"Gandi Fateiba" means to intimidate somebody so as to leave him speechless.
(Magiha! To Gandi Fatei debi)

"Gandi Puchu Puchu Haba" means to be overcome with awe & fear.

"Gandire Pasiba" means to flatter somebody to win his favour.
Ta Gandire Pasiba ra mane kichchi nahi.
(Its of no use to flatter him)

"Gandi Mariba" means to have anal sex with somebody. It also means to fuck or screw.

"Gandi Mareiba" means to be fucked or screwed by somebody. It also means to be cheated or deceived by somebody.

"Gandia" means an effeminate person having large soft round ass.
Magiha Se'ta ede Gandia!
(What an effeminate & pusillanimous fellow he is!)

"Gandu" means an impotent person willing to be fucked anally.
Magiha Se'ta pukka Gandu ta re!
by Robert Marker January 22, 2013
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G and I = Girth and Inches

Used as a question to ask the dimensions of a Mans penis.
"So I slept with John last night"
"Oh yeah, how was it?"
"Yeah it was good"
"Ok so lets talk G and I"
by That's right I said it! January 10, 2012
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Anal sex due to the inconvenience of a woman's period
Brian: so did you fuck her last night
Greg: nah man we had to g and I because of her period
by Big poppa 101 July 23, 2017
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Short for Gandalf... Thw Wizard we geeks all love to love.
Aw, jesus, The elf's stolen Gandi's hat again!
by Sammers January 21, 2004
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