To severely underpay an employee
Dude, they just pulled a Gandy on the new System's Administrator... now he left and got twice the money.
by Timmyz February 18, 2011
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Use in describing somthing that is not right; Something that is worn-out, ghetto; A person who is cheap.
Yo' that house is gandy!
Ray Jr. is strait gandy!
Gandy ass peice of shit!
by Neill November 19, 2003
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blaming an innocent 2nd party for the faults of your own in the most distasteful career-ruining way possible excellent.
After being told he was being held back a grade for poor grammar, Timmy was quick to gandy his classmates by calling them douche-bags.
by SandyRiverside April 15, 2009
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To drink while playing Xbox 360, specifically playing better at Call of Duty.
"Yo dude you pulling a Gandy tonight"
"Yeah man I'm totally clutching Search matches tonight while smashed"
by Nuzzi January 28, 2012
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A pejorative combination of the words "gay" and "dandy" (both words: fig. homosexual) used to express dissatisfaction or disgust with an effeminate or flamboyantly inadequate condition.
"You gandy with all that cologne on."

"Everyone think our school gandy 'cause we don't ever when at no sports."
by malcolm816 August 19, 2008
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To get excited, particularly a vice of some sort (drugs, alcohol, violence, sex, etc.)

To gandisize
Tom was just getting all gandy about the party tonight.

Her bewbs were getting me real gandy.)
by Salty Skad May 13, 2016
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Short for Gandolf.

Add me on League, the name is Vendicer, ; ^)
WOW, I just played league and lost to the club Bilbo Baggins, their club name is Gandy, what a bunch of gods.
by I love Bernie Sanders May 5, 2016
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