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Irish name, means "Little Deer" in Irish.

In Irish legend, was the son of Fionn, later travelled to Tir Na Nog (Land of the young) with a woman named Niamh, stayed for what he thought was 10 years, turned out to be 1000, came back to Ireland, died.
Oisin, yeah, that guy is awesome.
by Oisthebush March 25, 2009
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Oisin: street gangster. Great solid fighter has lots of fights and dosnt lose unless hes completely off his face. He will never back down. Highly respected by all even those who hav beef with him*. Plays a wide variety of sports and is especially keen on football and boxing, has a quite muscular body. He is clever, though rarely bothers with studies. The kind of guy youd want as a mate, beside you in a fight, as a lover in the bed. Superior to god and even chuck norris. He drinks and does coke, weed and other drugs , internal organs are half destroyed, its a wonder he can get up in the morning. Devious master when it comes to planning mischief, may well be a gang leader one day. Is good looking and can have any girl he wants and can be secretive when it comes to women. Has an extremely large and impressive cock that he uses alot. Lives different lifes and fits in anywhere.

*Oi blud , dont beef with him hes a proper Oisin.

Girl1: so whats your new boyfriend like?
Girl2: ohh hes such an Oisin, its great.
by God643597 December 08, 2009
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Oisin, the feisty, and sexy red head who always wants a good time. A womanizer at heart he flirts with ladies any chance he can get. Loves to get his hands dirty!
That kid's got some sweet moves" ~ "oh that's just Oisin!
by ami.1.2.3 June 21, 2010
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oisin is a self centered prick, that enjoys to wank once too many every day. Oisin can fool you into thinking he is trust able and nice, but when he wants to get a bit more popular, he wont be afraid to tell everyone (true or not). he is also extremely clingy to a boy/girl that he likes and can often be seen stalking and following them.
Ugh look at her and oisin. she doesnt even like him
by AJxxxxxxxxx May 22, 2014
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can be a cool guy,but around girls he's annoying, trying to chat them up all the time.
oh your such an oisin
by doom12345678910 September 29, 2011
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Friend: so how was the date last night?

Girl: omg! He was such an Oisín
by Bigboybonkers69 December 12, 2017
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