A Cat with a blunt on ifunny who gained his status with the use of edgy and political humor while managing to piss off every mod on the app.
Ifunny User 1: Hey, did you see all the comments on Tazandra's post?

Ifunny User 2: Yea man. Exeter sure knows how to piss her off!
by BruhAttack December 2, 2019
A small, picturesque university city in southern England. Renowned for its rah population to rival Durham, Oxford and Cambridge.
A lovely day out for all the family.
Tarquin: "Oh, bother. I didn't quite make it into my first choice university. Nevermind, I'll be jolly happy in Exeter!"
by mary moo May 13, 2005
Phillips Exeter Academy is a boarding school in Exeter, New Hampshire of approximately 1,000 students. Regarded as the most prestigious high school in the country, most notably for academics, Phillips Exeter Academy is renowned worldwide for its unique teaching method, “The Harkness Table.” The principal is based off the idea that the students are of such a high intellect that they are able to teach each other, and thus the teacher of the class simply acts as a moderator for the brilliant discussion which occurs. In simpler terms, the students are so smart they teach themselves and don’t need a teacher to tell them what to do.
Students of PEA, known as Exonians, have an infamous rivalry with the students of Phillips Academy Andover, another East coast boarding school. Founded a few years earlier and with a slightly larger student body, Andover is normally considered the age old back up, or “safety school” to Exeter. There are many examples of the clashing between the two. Exeter Red/Andover Blue Exeter wins football, basketball, track…/Andover wins hockey Exeter accepts the most brilliant minds of the world/Andover accepts George W. Bush
In essence, Exeter is the school for the distinctive minds of the United States and beyond. Unfortunately, Andover, and many of the East coast boarding schools, remain places for the children of the pompous rich to attend and survive on the graces of their parents. Exeter alumni continue to make innumerable contributions the world, be it donating a stadium to a lesser school such as Andover, or something as simple as the environmental contributions of alumnus Gifford Pinchot.
My son applied to Phillips Exeter Academy but was not accepted. So we’ll just end up sending him to Andover. I hope he doesn't come out too screwd up.

The boy, described as “apish, moronic, alcoholic, and masturbated too often,” was a graduate of Phillips Academy Andover. While enjoying his birthday present of a position as “President of the United States,” he choked on a pretzel and was sent to the finest hospital in the land where an Exeter doctor watched over him.
A Township, in between Reading and Pottstown, Pennsylvania. This place is home to cookie cutter houses, a new shopping center, multiple golf courses, a music shop, and one of the largest Walmarts on the east coast, and still nothing to do. The high school is filled with the typical feelings of self-righteousness, accomplishment, and rebellion through idiocy. Most students have recognized the need to change, and moved on to better things, but others remain the same, and get nowhere. Known for accomplishments in Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey, and Marching Band; Rivals are Daniel Boone and Wilson.
Person 1: You been to Exeter lately?
Person 2: Yeah, the people are still the same...
Person 1: How about that shopping center?
Person 2: Yeah, how about it...
by Parent Berny January 15, 2011
A town in Rhode Island, pretty much in the middle of no where. Theres trees, houses, trees, coyotes, trees. That's it. Once and a while you'll come across a person, who is most likely driving through or out of this god-forsaken land.
I went through Exeter and I saw trees. There was a birch, an oak, a maple....
by The Silver Rose January 19, 2010
the best prep school in the world!! andover sucks! we're the MOST good!! holla!
Get c's at Exeter, go to Harvard

Exeter... it's what's for dinner

Exeter - the other white meat.
by Meredithhh November 27, 2004
best High School Ever. We kick ass...unlike andover...which sucks ass...unlike Exeter.
Yo, beotch, D-hall be off the hook after wrestling practice!
by chickenshack January 27, 2005