the actual name for the third generation water pokemon. it is on of the three pokemon you can choose at the beginning of the game. evolves into marshtomp and then swampert.

you are probably looking for the internet meme based on mudkip, which is listed under "mudkips"
i'm glad i got mudkip instead of that gay torchic!

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1. A miscellaneous or popularly-loved object.

2. The best starter pokemon ever.
1. So I hear u liekz teh mudkipz.

by EternalCat February 14, 2009
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water starter pokemon in the 3rd gen series.

it has been accepted that the plural form of mudkip is now "more than one mudkip"
dude where'd you get all those more than one mudkip??
by Demosthenes McGee July 26, 2008
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The blue pokemon that many people use to annoy others, especially on

The third, water type starter in third generation Pokemon.

A mud covered animal skin

A cross between a catfish and a feline (just imagine that) and painted blue and orange
Annoying Kid: So I herd u liek mudkipz.
Computer Nerd: Jack off, kid.
Annoying Kid: (types "" in the address bar) Now do u liek mudkipz?
Computer Nerd: (Pulls out shotgun and blows off the kid's head)

BIRCH: Would you like a mudkip?
(Insert Name): Hell yeah!

Colonist: What's that? Something you clean your shit with?
Native: Nah, it's a muddy kip. We just call it mudkip.

Boy #1: What's that?
Boy #2: It's a mudkip. I saw it coming out of that cat over there a few hours ago. Then a guy came and painted it blue.
by Pillar of Autumn May 17, 2011
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Constantly heard in the Boards of Canada song "Happy Cycling"
by Shad0wLink May 14, 2008
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the absoloute best pokemon ever to be invented and will completly enialate charjabug
mudkip is #OP
by steve likes xxxxxxxingf March 08, 2017
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Mudkip, the Mud Fish Pokémon. Mudkip uses the sensitive radar receptors on its headfin to determine what's going on around it. In a pinch, it can remish enough power to crush rocks.
Mudkip 1:"Mud"

Mudkip 2:"Kip"

Mudkip 1: "Mud"

Mudkip 2: "Kip"
by Cheftoad February 11, 2010
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