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The original version of AOL. AOL originally rolled off hundreds of discs entitled 'gAyOL v1.0 - Unstable Release', as one of the employees in the disc printing department accidentally opened the template and forgot to rename it to 'AOL'. Although, all versions of 'AOL' are built from the 'Unstable Release' of 'gAyOL'. Because of this, AOL will never be a stable application and will always be slow, overpriced, and 'user-friendly'.
Jesus Christ man! Just close gAyOL, uninstall it, and then use an IRC client to connect to a good IRC server.
by akusarujin February 06, 2003
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The leader of a Gentoo Supremist cult. A very evil man, very. Rewards posted, find this man, dead or alive.

NOTE: See #free-games
1. AAHH! Duck! Eno_ is coming!!
+Guy1 Should I install Red Hat 9.0?
+Guy2 Yeah, I love it!
@Eno_ ...
12:12:37 -› Mode: (Eno_) sets (-v+b Guy1 *!Guy1@
@Eno_ Fuckin' Red Hat losers...
by akusarujin June 27, 2003
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The home of all newbies on IRC, this is the poorest excuse for a "server" ever. Garaunteed to run on dedicated 14.4k connections and go down more than a teenage blonde in heat.

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Look at all of those fucking |PuNk|'s on DALnet! What a piece of shit server!
by akusarujin February 06, 2003
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