A fwend is a degree of friendship between two people, similar to a friend however a "fwend" is a closer relationship than a "friend."
I asked if he was my fwend, and he said yes.
by Chris Girl December 28, 2005
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Isabella is my fwend
by mia is cute 28 September 17, 2020
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A stupid fucking word from a language that only idiot girls use when they think they are being cute. Other words such as "dat" (that), "fuggin" (fucking), "das" (that's), etc. You aren't being cute, fuck off
Girl: Dats my fwend!
Guy: Fuck off and stop talking like a complete immature idiot
by a fat guy in a small coat August 22, 2013
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How to describe a friend who is one of your best
Me and Mo, we're fwends, best fwends
by Aarney101 October 11, 2018
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Acquaintance of a member of a group from outside said group, usually prefaced by the nature of the friendship.
Aaahhh, is that your Football Fwend?
by DBrother September 6, 2011
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A very close friendship/relationship, that can be with more than one person. This is a male only tradition and 'fwends' can only be other males. Being a 'fwend' usually involves lots of cuddles and love. However doing this is not seen to be queer or gay as people can see you are just 'fwends'.
Example: Male: Hug me 'fwend'

Other Male: Cuddles for a 'fwend'

Passer by: are they gay?

Man of wisdom: No they are just 'fwends'
by icanttellyouthatsorry January 8, 2011
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What 12 year old Asian girls call their friends on Twitter.
AZNSaILoRmOoN12: I wuv mai best fwends. #retweet
by bigbadmama January 25, 2011
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