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A funny fuck occurs when a bro declares, at least a week in advance, that he will fuck an offensive looking female for the lulz. His bros cannot make fun of him for it since he declared it ahead of time, but they can totally laugh with him the next morning.
-Dude, I was totally gonna make fun of Chris for hooking up with that jappy sorostitute last night but then I remember that e-mail, from a while back, when he said he was gonna fuck her for shits and gigs.
-Yeah man, we've been hurting for a funny fuck.
by PhillipSpencer December 19, 2010
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A muggintop refers to when the fat around a female's leg, at the point of entrance to her Ugg boot, is actually wider than the top part of the boot. This creates a muffintop on top of the Ugg, hereby referred to as a muggintop. It is usually a deal breaker.
I was totally down to funny fuck that girl until I looked down and saw her muggintops.
by PhillipSpencer December 19, 2010
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