he has a large fune
by I M A Dogg August 29, 2008
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a nickname that came from misspelling "fine"
<person 1> : new nickname!
<person 1> : wes is boring
<person 2> : fune
<person 2> : fine*
<person 1> : haha fune
<person 1> : i`ll call you fune lol
by Wesley aka "fune" February 17, 2005
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N. Normally a person from El Salvadorian descent who will own anyone at Madden
"Gawd dang Funes, you sure beat my ass at Madden!"
by Funes June 21, 2004
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a girl who is very awesome and has a great personality. is azn and is commonly called fufu. usually lacks self confedience and is usually an amazing artist. likes mushrooms and manga. Funings are usually addicted to the computer and is very awesome. they are also very funny and sometimes dangourous. they are prettifuls and get hyper easily. may act high, but really isnt. usually has a high voice. wen funings have self confidence they act very strange, however, they are still awesome and pretty.
Person 1: hey, look its funing!!!
Person 2: whos funing?
person 3: O_O uh oh. *RUNS*
person 1: yo, y u running????
person 3: shes so hyper and weird!
person 1: but shes pretty and awesome!
*awkward silence...*
person 2: *makes heart symbol. XD
by <insertnamehere>WAT IS MY NAME January 26, 2011
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When Stacie is trying to type fun but types it wrong so it comes out as "fune"; Stacies new word for "fun"
Chrissy: Im listening to the full extended remix of dip it low

Stacie: Fune
by Chrissy May 30, 2004
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